Our Mission

The mission of The Hopkins Company is to address each client’s residential needs with the thoughtful insight of a trusted friend and the design capabilities of an accomplished expert. Every home that we create will be an individual architectural statement. Client satisfaction will be the most important measure of our success as we strive to fulfill this mission.

With over 40 years of experience, the Hopkins Company understands the task of designing a new home.

The Design Process

1. Deciding to Build

Finding a home in the right neighborhood, with a suitable layout, and your preferred style is almost impossible. The decision to build a new home generally follows an exhaustive search of houses for sale.

Designing a new home is the opportunity of a lifetime to plan an environment tailored to your unique family needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you are building a family home, estate, or vacation retreat, it is immensely rewarding to have your personal signature on the design.

2. Selecting A Style

Selecting an architectural style is perhaps the single most important decision when building a new home. Each style carries important implications for the choice of facade, windows, and doors, which in turn strongly influence the interior design of your home. Choosing the proper style can alleviate painful design changes later in the planning process.

A style preference often finds its basis in a home that one has admired. We strongly encourage our clients to browse the portfolio section of the website, where our projects are arranged by style.

Mediterranean Style

3. Conceptual Design

The marriage of the shape and layout of a home is fundamental to its design. For example, a New England Colonial home is generally comprised of two rectangular floors that are identical in size and shape. Georgian facades typically include a central entry with a feature window above at the second floor level. Each style has stood the test of time by possessing a variety of features that coordinate well together.

Bearing this in mind, The Hopkins Company has thrived at the art of making challenging design concepts beautiful. At the request of our clients, we have made the interior of a log cabin look like a contemporary New York apartment, featured an extraordinary 14-foot wide window in a post-Katrina plantation home, and constructed a 50-foot waterfall swimming pool above ground.

Our most exciting work is realizing our clients’ dreams.

4. Lifestyle & Layout

No family has a static lifestyle. The very nature of the family embodies growth and evolution.

Careful thought about your family lifestyle, not only as it exists, but as it will evolve, is an important step in developing the criteria to be translated into the layout of your new home.

The home designed to serve your family lifestyle now and for years to come is an enduring legacy, improving the quality of your life and that of each member of your family.


Mediterranean Style