100 Ideas Under 100 Dollars

Jan 1973 p. 74

Here’s a quick and easy way to get a whole furniture grouping for a minuscule sum. The basis materials you’ll need are three 4x8-foot sheets of 3/4 inch, A-C grade plywood, three, five-foot long 2x4s, four-inch thick foam pads, and enough material to cover the foam cushions.

The chairs measure 30x30x30 inches, with all comers butt jointed. Glue and nail sides and back together, then attach the 28-1/2 inch wide seat the same way. Below the seat attach two 2x4 braces, one eight inches from the front and the other eight inches from the back. Cut pads to fit, then cover with fabric. Repeat the process for the sofa, except to double the width. Next, build the 18x18x12 inch high coffee table. Attach the top with a piano hinge to provide for storage within.